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Frank Harris - Dayton Rugby Grounds Dayton, OH
Sprinkler Solutions put in the irrigation system at Dayton Rugby Grounds and Steve and his crew were excellent. Everything was clearly explained and the project came in on budget, quickly, and the workmanship was great. If you are thinking about getting a sprinkler system for your home or business please contact Steve, the owner of Sprinkler Solutions! 
Kenneth Springboro, OH
Contracted Steve and his team to Install sprinkler system to cover entire property and Solve drainage issue in corner of yard. Steve and his team did an excellent job. The team was very professional and did outstanding work. They showed up every day on time until the job was completed. Provided us a detailed demonstration/teaching on how the system worked including programming the system. When working with Steve on draining issue, he included us on the decisions to solve the problem. Even though I think Steve knew the answers, he solicited our feedback to make sure we agreed to approach. They took no shortcuts or easy way out when faced with installation challenges. They used new sprinkler technology that I can control from my smartphone I was pleased with the price I paid for the work I received. I’m the type of person who likes to make partnerships with businesses who perform. I can tell you they have earned that right to become a partner who will continue to get my business in the servicing of my new sprinkler system to any other landscaping work they perform. I’ve seen photos of their outside lighting work and I’m already on their schedule for them to come back and install outside lighting for us. If you want great product and a great team to do the work, look no further. BTW…my yard looks fabulous and green. 
Kasey Lebanon, OH
I needed my sprinkler system winterized. Steve contacted me before my 4:00 PM appointment time to inform me that the technician was running behind, and that I could either reschedule for 5:00 PM the same day or 9:00 AM the next day. Eddy, who came to do the work, explained everything to me, and was willing to talk to me about a few issues I was having with the sprinkler system and provide recommendations. Everything went exactly as well as I could have expected. Steve and Eddy were very professional, authentic, and respectful, and I would definitely hire these guys again!
Brent Centerville, OH
 I love this company, they installed my system a few years back and have addressed every concern that I have had since. To the smallest of head moves to a suspected leak cause by neighbor construction. If you have any doubts about them, don’t have, they are awesome. Quick and thorough.
Jeanne Cincinnati, OH
I used to water my lawn and gardens myself but being out of town frequently it became a real problem. Neither the lawn nor gardens ever looked great. So I decided to look into a sprinkler system. After a bit of research, a friend recommended Sprinkler Solutions so I called and my sprinkler system was installed last spring. Stephen was great and knew what he was doing. He made sure every inch of the yard and gardens were covered. Last year, as many lawns turned brown mine was still green and all I had to do was adjust the timer every once in a while. And the flowers loved that early morning watering! My neighbors have often commented on the quality of my lawn last year. I would highly recommend Stephen Hood and Sprinkler Solutions!
William and Sheli Dayton, OH
We had SOD installed when we built our house. The top soil is primarily clay. Since we installed the irrigation system, our grass has never been so thick and vibrant. The automatic schedule feature is outstanding and allows us to vacation without concern of damage to our yard. I do not have to plan watering during the drought season. The system is very accommodating and contains a rain gauge to prevent over watering.  I do not have to wrestle with the hoses, leaks, and storage anymore. I installed several DIY kits with limited to no success. The water pressure to maintain these DIY kits was limited. With the full irrigation system, the water pressure is not an issue with the water connected to the main. Steve was very knowledgeable in the irrigation area. He was very honest when walking me through the system capabilities, and concerns he has to create an all-inclusive system. Steve is very accessible. He returns calls same day. He takes time to answer my questions, even though I know some of them are remedial. He is the type of gentlemen that does what he says. If he tells you he will be there, he will. I would recommend Sprinkler Solutions to anyone in need of a better lawn.  His installation team is incredible. I have an established lawn. Two days after installation, you were unable to tell he installed the system. He is very careful and treats your property with respect. His team pays attention to details, making sure your property is in great shape when finished. I would highly recommend Sprinkler Solutions for any irrigation project.  He is very knowledgeable and his customer service is the best.
Jay Miamisburg, OH
My thanks for an incredible job done! We will continue to recommend your services to our friends and neighbors! Thanks for making this small part of my life incredibly easy to manage. I appreciate it, as always.
Brenda Kettering, OH
Tara, You have OUTSTANDING customer service! You are AMAZING! Many thanks to you for all of the support you have given me. I am very grateful!
Kristi Springboro, OH
FYI, Eddie does a great job! Friendly, personable, polite, and a pleasure to have him do our sprinkler.
Jim Springboro, OH
Tara, Eddie is out here every year, and remembers everything. He is an incredible individual, hard worker, and incredibly dedicated. I just wanted to say he did an incredibly awesome job. I have to say that he represents your company better than any of the other companies I work with! I just want to thank you & Steve for your continued customer service and professionalism!
Matt Springboro, OH
We had a new home under construction with 2 acres that needed to be irrigated. I contacted 7 different companies before deciding to go with Sprinkler Solutions. They did an amazing job! In fact, of all the crews that worked on our house, this was the best team that I worked with. The yard was a converted farm field so this was a brand new installation with an owner (me) who had never before had inground irrigation. They also ran drainage pipes from gutters underground and away from house as well as landscape lighting. Each job was done professionally and without any issues at all. Steve and his team did exactly what they said they would do, always on time, worked in heat and rain to get done on time and always left the yard looking great. The crew was easy to work with and the work product is outstanding. Without question I would recommend Steve and his team to anyone – they do great work at a fair price and unlike so many others, they are on time and on budget.