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Residential Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

residential-rain-bird-sprinklersSprinkler Solutions is known as the expert in high quality irrigation system installations and services in Dayton Ohio. We offer budget friendly solutions while meeting your most important goals.

Automatic Underground Irrigation Systems

A properly designed and installed irrigation system is necessary for property owners who desire a high quality turf. An automatic underground sprinkler system will put an end to the burdensome routine of lawn and garden watering manually, eliminating over-watering and under-watering in areas. Who really has the time to move hoses and sprinklers around every other day, adding water to the atmosphere as opposed to the lawn? An automatic sprinkler system will save you time, conserve water, and maintain healthier plant life, applying the right amount of water deeply and infrequently, during the early morning hours right before dawn, while wind is at its calmest, and temperatures are at their coolest. Timed and programmed on a set watering schedule, guarantees your landscape will be watered consistently even while away from home. A quality and efficient irrigation system is in fact one of the top home improvement investments, from extending the life of your landscape, to improving curb appeal, and increasing home value by 15%. With a detailed design and a properly implemented sprinkler system, you too can maintain your lawn and landscape effortlessly and automatically.

Residential Irrigation and Sprinkler System Design

We provide a complete residential irrigation system package including comprehensive planning and consultation, irrigation system design, irrigation system installation, service, and maintenance plans. Foremost, we will discuss your goals, assess your watering needs, and offer beneficial solutions to fit within your budget. An on-site evaluation is necessary upon the design of your irrigation system as we analyze many relevant factors, including water source and location, water quantity and quality, water pressure, flow rates, property measurements, elevations, soil type and texture, diverse plant materials, plant size and location, root depth, microclimates, and weather conditions. Our design process will select the correct components, minimizing water in the most efficient manner possible, relating to smart systems, check valves, rain sensors, soil sensors, and drip irrigation, while providing the proper amount of moisture needed to support your landscapes deep root system. In addition, our irrigation designs allow for expansion should you remodel or upgrade your landscape.

House sprinklerResidential Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler Solutions will install your irrigation system right the first time, as this is a crucial element to system performance and longevity. We install Rain Bird Professional Series Products, assuring long term performance, durability, and years of reliable operation. We install vital components such as valves in areas out of way of traffic. More often than not, irrigation components may be visually noticeable, as we conceal your components in inconspicuous locations. We pay close attention to specifics such as matched precipitation rates and 100% head to head coverage. We integrate our irrigation system techniques minimizing any surface disturbance. Upon completion, we perform a final walk through, including hands-on personal training, thoroughly explaining and demonstrating how to operate your irrigation system with ease. We provide a detailed as-built of your residential irrigation system design layout in its entirety for future reference.

Healthy Irrigated Lawn and Landscapes Benefit Our Environment

Healthy, environmentally friendly lawn and landscapes have the ability to naturally filter some of the worst gaseous pollutants and toxins entering our groundwater. Healthy turf grass will lower surface temperatures during the warmest months, cooling its surroundings, causing your lawn to be on average 15-20 degrees cooler. In addition, its ability to produce oxygen, control allergies, and traps and removes dust and dirt from the air which helps to keep it out of our homes.

Rain-Bird-Rotor-5000-SeriesResidential Irrigation System Warranty

Sprinkler Solutions provides a complete warranty on all system components, workmanship, and design for 2 years free from any defects, valid on all irrigation system installations. In addition, Rain Bird products are warranted for a period of 5 years from the date of original purchase.

Sprinkler Solutions specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of automatic underground lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation systems for residential homes, housing developments, townhome developments, and apartment complexes. We provide high quality sprinkler systems throughout the Dayton Ohio area, including Miamisburg, Springboro, Centerville, Bellbrook, Beavercreek, Xenia, and more.

Residential Irrigation System Quote

If you are interested in obtaining an irrigation system quote, please feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment. We are certain that upon acceptance, you will be at ease in knowing you chose the highest quality irrigation system available. Contact Sprinkler Solutions today and get your project started!